Misinformation Lab at ASBHM 2022

The Misinformation Lab was excited to attend the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine again this year. While the conference was originally planned as an in-person event in Perth, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic meant it was converted to an online event. While we would have loved to see people in person, online conferences are certainly more consistent with our environmental values.

  • Mathew Ling organised an invited symposium on “Conspiracies, COVID-19, and Vaccination in Australasia” which included presenters from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Emily Kothe presented on behalf on two 2021 4th Year Students,
    • Emily Dwyer: Using Protection Motivation Theory to predict COVID-19 vaccination intention: a cross-sectional study
    • Annie Hague: Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to predict intention to reduce dietary consumption of animal products.
  • Maddie North presented data from her PhD: Are health motivated vegans just as stigmatised as ‘regular’ vegans?
  • Emily Kothe presented data on the use of Prolific as a recruitment channel: Prolific is a feasible and cost-effective recruitment method for longitudinal studies of health behaviour

Congratulations to the 2022 organising committee for putting together such an engaging conference in the face of challenging circumstances. Hopefully we can finally see our ASBHM friends face-to-face in 2023!