Misinformation Lab Seminar Series Invited Talk - Crystal N. Steltenpohl - What the open science movement can learn from qualitative research

Jun, 2021
via Zoom

Date: June 4th 2021

Time: 9am Melbourne local time

When we think about open science, the term “Qualitative Research” is not exactly the first thing comes to mind. But could this lack of focus on qualitative methods reflect some important gaps in the open science movement? In an insightful Misinformation Seminar series talk, Dr. Crystal Steltenpohl delivered a thought-provoking presentation entitled: what the open science movement can learn from qualitative research.

If you are curious about the lessons that open science can take from qualitative research on important topics such as, exploration, diversity, positionality, dangerous defaults, and ethics - feel free to check out the recording of Dr. Steltenpohl’s talk below!

The Misinformation Lab Seminar Series is a monthly event open to all members and friends of the lab. The seminar series is primarily motivated by a shared curiosity about the myriad of awesome perspectives and insights out there on information processing, behaviour change, open science, and promoting social progress. Our aim is to invite speakers from a diverse range of interests, lived-experiences, and research backgrounds to deliver their insights and perspectives on topics that they are excited about! The series also aims to provide our Psychology students at the undergraduate level to with the opportunity to hear, and engage with, talks by real-world researchers.

Whether you are a seasoned academic, Ph.D Student, or working in Industry - if you are interested in giving a Seminar Series talk, we would love to hear from you!