Misinformation Lab Training

The misinformation lab offers two parallel programs of training in modern research skills for social psychology. These programs are:

  • Specialist training for 4th year students in the Misinformation lab.
  • A 140-hour internship program for advanced undergraduate students in psychology.

Schedule of Training

Individuals who participate in the Misinformation Training program are expected to complete tasks within the following domains.

Lab operations

  • Induction
  • Meetings
  • 4th Year posters or presentations
  • Conference preparation

Workshops / Training

  • R
  • Systematic Review
  • Qualitative methods
  • Open Sciences

Sys. Review

  • Dual coding
  • Presentation

Qual project

  • Transcription
  • Coding
  • Poster

Quant project

  • Data management and analysis
  • Measure Selection
  • Poster / Presentation


The 4th year program includes:

  • Involvement in Lab operations
  • Completion of structured training in:
    • R
    • Systematic Reviews
    • Qualitative Methods
    • Completion of ecologically-valid tasks in:
    • Systematic Reviewing
    • Qualitative research
    • Open and Reproducible Quantitative research

While internships in the Misinformation Lab will involve realistic research experiences, they do not entail involvement in any active research projects to ensure compliance with ethical approval and the Fair Work Act (2009).

As part of a 140 hour internship, interns will:

  • Attend lab meetings
  • Conduct a quasi-systematic literature search
  • Build a qualtrics survey
  • Code some qual data
  • Do some quant data analysis
  • Present a summary of their work