Congratulations to our 2021 4th year students on their excellent presentations!

A huge congratulations to all of our billiant 2021 4th year students, who overcame lockdowns, technical issues on Zoom, and a whole bunch of nerves, to completely ace their research project presentations last week!

Over a three-week extravaganza, the huge variety of research projects in the lab were on full (virtual) display, as our students each presented their research proposals on a range of meaningful and fascinating topics such as: the emotional consequences of goal conflict in the context of pro-environmental behaviours; individual difference constructs related to belief homophily; predictors of willingness to engage in COVID-19 health behaviours; and many more!

A special congratulations goes out to Annie Hague, who was selected as the inargual winner of the Misinformation Lab award for best 4th year presentation! The award was introduced this year to recognise a single student who demonstrated particular excellence in presenting their research proposal. Annie’s presentation (entitled: Predicting intentions to reduce meat consumption using the theory of planned behaviour) was selected as the winner by a panel of three Ph.D. students who independently evaluated each presentation on objective criteria including: how effectively the speaker was able to communicate the background, aims, contribution and significance of the research; whether their proposed analysis plan was appropriate in answering their research quesiton; and how engaging they were in their delivery of the presentation. Great job Annie!

Misinformation and Social Behaviour Lab
School of Psychology, Deakin University