Misinformation Lab at ASBHM 2020

The Misinformation Lab had a smaller presence at the Australasian Society of Behavioural Medicine with Emily off on maternity leave (this is the first ASBHM she has missed since she started going in 2008!). Nevertheless - we were happy to get the opportunity to share data from some projects we’ve had 4th year students working on for the last few years

  • An Evaluation of Belief-clustering Regarding Health Interventions in Two WEIRD Countries. Mathew Ling, Anna Jackson, Madison Matthews, Sweety Simon Durai, Emily Kothe
  • Evaluating the Person-level fit of Protection motivation Theory and Prototype Willingness Model to Uptake of Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations Emily Kothe, Mathew Ling, Ian Benjamin, Kate Adamson, Nathan Holden, Phoebe Leung, Charles Gray

Looking forward to ASBHM2021 in Perth!